Membership Application

To apply to become a member of ANZASCS send an email to the Administrator at and request an application pack.  

Step 1

Once you receive the application pack, complete the application form and pay the application fee (you will receive an invoice along with the application pack.  Please note that the application fee is non-refundable).  

Step 2

ANZASCS will visit your centre or premises and assess on the following:

  1. Centre Management

    e.g. management structure, rules of governance, policies, bank account, etc.

  2. Centre Staffing

    e.g. number of staff/volunteers, coordinator, description of roles, recruitment process, training, etc.

  3. New Centers and New Workers

    e.g. recruitment system, police checks, induction process, mentoring, etc.

  4. Operating Procedures

    e.g. referral procedure, centre environment, operational forms, risk assessment, contact programme or contract, etc.

  5. Policies

    e.g. safety, confidentiality, health & safety, complaints, equal opportunities, domestic violence, volunteer policies, evidence of adoption of these policies, etc.

  6. Safety

    e.g. policy, training, guidelines, risk assessments, etc.

  7. Confidentiality

    e.g. policy, filing system, etc.

  8. Complaints & Compliments

    e.g. policy, evaluation procedure, etc.

  9. Health & Safety

    e.g. policy, premises, fire & emergency procedure, accident book, training, officer, etc.

  10. Equal Opportunities & Diversity

    e.g. policy, recruitment process, code of conduct, opportunities for people with disabilities, etc.

  11. Domestic Violence

    e.g. policy, training, procedure in conflict situation, risk assessment, etc.

  12. Staff Training and Support

    e.g. training, support systems, external training, etc.

  13. Centre/Premesis

    e.g. entry and exit points, waiting areas, visit area, play area, parking, staff safety devices, administration area, etc.

Note:  You will have 60 days to complete your application.

Step 3

We will review your application and will contact you with our decision.

If your application is successful, you will be required to pay the membership fee (separate from the application fee).

If your application is unsuccessful, we will give you feedback on our review.

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